“J. Craig Thorpe has embraced the  WP&YR brand and created iconic legacy artworks for us.  They reflect Craig’s relationship with the company and its people, history and future.”
– Michael Brandt – White Pass & Yukon Route – Skagway, AK – Former Vice President – Corporate Administration

“J. Craig Thorpe’s ability to listen to clients and put their vision into an artist’s concept is second to none.  His interpretation of future high speed surface transportation is critical as the nation considers rebuilding its rail infrastructure.”
– Gil Carmichael – Intermodal Transportation Institute ,Denver, CO  – Director

“Amtrak has commissioned original art from Craig for almost two decades. He has worked closely with Government Affairs & Marketing to provide exciting and timely images.  From our existing trains to concepts of high speed rail, his art evocatively captures our mission. Amtrak is pleased to have J. Craig Thorpe as a working  partner.”
– Emmett Fremaux – AMTRAK  – Washington D.C.  Vice President Marketing & Product Development

“J. Craig Thorpe has been instrumental in the success of our new rail venture, Icicle Station.  Our partnership with Craig was so successrful that the City has retained him to produce over 12 other renderings and drawings as part of the Downtown Master Plan.  He understands the community’s history, needs and direction for the future and through his art and presentation, he is able to galvanize the mission of the community so we can move forward.  The investment in Thorpe’s talents has more than paid for itself for our community.”
– Robert C. Eaton, PhD., Mayor, Leavenworth, WA

“We have called on Craig to bring to life three high-profile green demonstration projects, and each time his artwork had been the heart of our promotions and marketing efforts. He had a gift for taking architectural plans and transforming them into a vision of the finished structure that catches the spirit of the design in its natural surroundings.  The owners, architects and builders have all been blown away by the beauty of his work.”
– Pam Worner, Green Dog Enterprises

“I worked with Craig to design a new town center for Skykomish, WA. He was able to take my thoughts and sketches and convert them into a view of the future. Craig’s final rendering is of tremendous value as a design and marketing tool. I am using it with local businesses, residents, possible investors, other stakeholders and legislators.”

Fred Black, Mayor, Skykomish, WA